Hi Learners! It must be hard to learn about finance, business and investment. Most of you guys who are reading this, admit it, you haven’t reach the “Financial Freedom”, isn’t it ?

but we know you guys willing to achieve your financial freedom and TIME freedom too!
Did you know the tools that needed for that achievements?

That’s why, we present to all of you,
Letsplay Indonesia will help you to understand the right way and strategy to achieve financial and time freedom, through real time simulation which have been designed in financial management, investing and business. And therefore, you’ll TAKE ACTION, immediately.

Edisi Baru ini disajikan dengan:
– durasi waktu lebih dari 4 jam
– Ilmu dari expertise, lead trainer sekaligus praktisi
– personal financial statement
– peluang networking yang lebih banyak
– Simulasi lebih banyak

Jadi, tunggu apa lagi? Yuk daftarkan dirimu sekarang juga!


– Learn how to manage your cash flow
– Learn how to invest step by step
– Financial IQ
– Learn how to get a great opportunity
– Meet new people, expand your network!
– Learn how to identify great deals
– Learn how to manage your loan
– Learn how to get your financial & time freedom


– Handbook material
– Lunch
– Coffee
– Snacks


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