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Waroong Wars (Second Edition)

Player: 3 – 5

Time: 30 – 45 Minutes

Age: 8 Years

In the card game Waroong Wars, players compete for customers and fame as the owners of traditional food stalls — called waroong — in Indonesia, cooking various Indonesian delicacies such as nasi campur, sate, and nasi goreng.

Each round, players gather ingredients in the shopping phase by drafting simultaneously. After shopping, players try to “cook” by matching ingredient cards with menu cards. If a player cooks a menu, then they gain a customer card that grants them various advantages or allows them to disturb another player’s plan.

When the game ends, player tally the popularity score on their menu cards, customer cards, and VP tokens. Whoever has the highest score wins.

This second edition of Waroong Wars features new artwork, streamlined and balanced rules, more food and customer options, and a new game system with a character card for each player.


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